Spam Filter Management

While Keyway works daily to minimize the quantity of spam that appears in your in-box, you have the ability to manage your own spam filter settings with our Learn Spam and Whitelisting tools.


Learn Spam

Each piece of unsolicited e-mail has unique properties which can be learned and applied to future e-mails. Simply select the "Learn as Spam" button on the bottom of each Webmail message to assist your personal spam filters in recognizing junk mail.


Whitelisting and Blacklisting

If you are not able to receive e-mail from an individual, it is likely their e-mail address or ISP is a known source of spam. To permit e-mail from a known source of spam, "whitelist" the e-mail address. Alternatively you may choose to "blacklist" an e-mail address if you wish to block a sender.

To manage your whitelist filters:

1) Log onto Keyway's Webmail.

2) Click "Options" at the top of your screen.

3) Click "Spam Filter Configuration"

4) Use the Add New Address form to whitelist or blacklist: